Collegiate Primary

Clarksdale Collegiate Public Charter School prepares kindergarten through 8th grade students in the Mississippi Delta to excel in high school and college by providing rigorous instruction within a structured, ambitious, and jubilant school community.


Clarksdale Collegiate’s schedule will include three co-curricular classes or electives for scholars each week. Starting in kindergarten, scholars will have art, music, and physical education classes. Co-curricular classes will be 45 minutes long held once per week.

During the day, scholars also have daily independent enrichment time for scholars in each division of the school. Independent enrichment opportunities are offered through online blended learning programs. At Collegiate Primary, scholars work through’s online coding curriculum with courses for scholars as young as kindergarten. Each course builds on the previous course and scholars can progress at their own pace.

Finaly, after school programming is provided to ensure scholars receive additional academic support needed to master grade level content and skills. Scholars also have enrichment opportunities after school. Literacy-aligned enrichment activities will be offered, including Book Clubs, Journalism, and Reader’s Theater. In addition, co-curricular teachers lead activities based on their own interest and expertise like sports, dance, or choir.

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